October is the Month to Recognize Your AP Staff

Accounts payable works closely with all departments in the organization, with the company’s vital suppliers and controls all expenses within a company. But, AP is often considered a back-office overhead expense and often does not get the recognition and respect it deserves.

Accounts payable operations can recognize accounts payable customer service during Accounts Payable Recognition Week which is October 9-13, 2017.

These first few weeks in October are a great time to celebrate your accomplishments and let your team know that they are appreciated. Celebrating AP Recognition Week is a great way to raise companywide awareness of the importance of AP; thank other departments for their support; remind your customers of your commitment to customer satisfaction; reward frontline customer service reps and boost AP staff morale and teamwork.

11 Ways to Celebrate

  1. Recognize the individuals and departments that support accounts payable.
  2. Thank your internal customers and vendors and remind them about your commitment to customer service.
  3. Thank your customer service team by sending personally signed thank you cards to their homes.
  4. Answer your phones, Thank you for calling during AP Appreciation Week. How may I help you? Be prepared to explain the week and how it supports your mission of service excellence.
  5. Host theme days with coordinated activities and food — could be donuts, a pizza party, ice cream social or “pot luck” where AP staff members bring in their favorite dishes to share with the team. This is a great time for AP leaders to thank the team and award prizes.
  6. Get small teams working together with activities such as cookie decorating, a challenge or a scavenger hunt.
  7. Give teams small gifts — could be a movie theater gift card, American Express gift card, stress relief toys, coffee cups or other gifts.
  8. Have fun. This is the one week out of 52 to reflect on successes, celebrate accomplishments and re-energize so that your team can deliver the best possible service 52 weeks of the year.
  9. Have a company trivia contest and award a gift to the winner.
  10. Recognize excellence within your AP departments. Ask your team members to vote for its most valued colleagues within the department and give certificates, service awards, plaques or other gifts.
  11. Provide AP and customer service training. You might even consider getting your department certified with the IOFM Accounts Payable Certification program. Training your staff lets them know that you care and want them to excel in their positions.

Start thinking of ways to show your AP team members how much they are appreciated. InvoiceInfo would like to hear how you celebrate this year so we can report next year.