About InvoiceInfo

What is InvoiceInfo?

InvoiceInfo is a secure online self-service application that gives you the power and flexibility you need to engage your vendors at scale. Your team’s productivity will increase when:

  • Vendors and internal staff have 24/7 access to the status of invoices;
  • Suppliers can register online, eliminating paper while streamlining verification, statutory compliance and approvals;
  • You have powerful analytics to support your plans for operational enhancements

InvoiceInfo eliminates friction in the communication flow between you and your suppliers, facilitating exchange of the right information at the right time.

How Does InvoiceInfo Work?

InvoiceInfo works seamlessly with all ERP systems. For invoice status, data is pushed securely to InvoiceInfo. For vendor registration and information management, documents can be approved and stored on InvoiceInfo or uploaded into your workflow or content management systems.

Who We Are?

Since 1987, we have helped financial operations managers increase P2P productivity and reduce cost.

Deep P2P Experience, Knowledge and Know-how

The InvoiceInfo team founded PayTECH, a leading electronic invoice and information processing company, where it helped companies attain outsized returns on their accounts payable automation investments. PayTECH processed more than 100 million client invoices annually. As part of PayTECH’s services to its customers, the company developed vendor self-service applications to replace the need for costly manual responses to tens of thousands of invoice inquiries from vendors’ calls and emails.

After the sale of PayTECH in 1999 to PRGX, the team founded The Accounts Payable Network (TAPN). TAPN became the world’s leading brand for high-quality P2P education, training, and process-improvement knowledge. Based on conversations with TAPN members about the need for cost effective vendor self-service, along with its previous portal experience at PayTECH, the team developed InvoiceInfo.

The Financial Operations Networks (FON) team sold The Accounts Payable Network to Diversified Communications in 2013 but retained InvoiceInfo in order to focus its resources on making InvoiceInfo the leading supplier self-service application.


30+ Years Of Experience in Electronic Payables

Since 1987, our team has worked to help financial operations managers increase accounts payable productivity and reduce cost.